1+ The Mujahedin have assassinated 17000 Iranian people!
1- Well. They were not people; they were those who did not like the MEK!
2+ The Mujahedin have murdered 4000 Iraqi Kurds!
2- It was a work project for them to earn a living! Saddam paid them to do so! It was Saddam’s fault!
3+ The MEK also killed six U.S. citizens in cold blood!
3- The assassins were MEK members but they got orders from South African government!
4+ Mujahedin members have been deprived of marriage hand having families for years!
4- This is a choice they have unanimously made. We should respect that!
5+ Why were the MEK sheltered in Albania and not in the U.S. itself?
5- Because plane tickets to the U.S. were too expensive back then!
6+/- Maryam Rajavi and other chief members of the MEK had left Albania (and camp Ashraf) before the searched the Mujahedin camp. Is it deception of Albanian people or infiltration of the MEK in the government?
7+/- Sheltering thousands of people in a military camp is a huge economic burden on Albania’s back. How much has this so-called “act of hospitality” cost Albanians since 2016?
8+/- How much money and what facilities have Albanian authorities received from international organizations for sheltering these terrorists? Will there ever be any financial transparency for Albanian people?
9+ If they were ordinary people (and not terrorists) why wouldn’t they be living in cities and villages of Albania like other people? Why should they live in a military camp under such uncanny protections?
9- They are afraid of being bitten by local people!
10+ The Mujahedin have repeatedly violated their agreement with Albania. Why should they still exist like a state within a state in Albania? What else is Albanian government waiting for?
10- Maryam Rajavi has not embarked on overthrowing Albanian government yet! That is promising, in fact!
11+ You speak about MEK’s terrorist “Past” but they are still conducting terrorist and cyber-attacks against other countries from Albanian soil. Right?
11- Yeah. The police have found convincing evidence for that but they are our guests anyway!
By the way! Did you know that the Mujahedin are calling Albanians “savages” and “oppressors”?
“What for?” you may ask!
Because Albanian police entered their country! (Oops! I mean their camp) in Durres, with a legal search warrant.